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Page 18

Sorry the updates have been so slack lately. I am VERY busy! But I will keep on going with this story and will not interrupt it so please continue reading.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Page 17

Work has picked up so the story will continue Mon-Fri but it will be in stunning black and white :0 Thanks, for reading!

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Page 15

My freelance work (that pays dem bills) is picking up (Thank You, Lord!) so next weeks pages will probably have to be in stunning black and white unless I can get ahead this weekend (which is doubtful). Really sleepy. Draw comics, sleep....

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Page 11

a new page each day this week!

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I think I'll take tomorrow off but please come back on Monday for 10 more pages of TIHWM goodness. And please tell a friend as this would be a great "jumping on" point. Next week - a mystery revealed.....

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Page 8

Two more pages this week and then starting Monday - a mystery is revealed! Oooohh, spooky.....

Monday, July 06, 2009

Page 5

Tuesday's page a little early....I also wanted to mention that this first chapter (which will be around 40 pages long) is titled "Saucers, Sinners, Tenors and Ewe".....The main character Tony Pony is actually called "Jacob" in this story. If you're familiar with my earlier attempts to put this story together, you may notice certain "elements" as well as certain characters in the days ahead....:)

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Page 3

Ice Age 3 today! Go Stephen! Also, look for all new This Is how We Met pages Mon-Fri of next week!

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This Is How We Met (take 47)

I am in the middle of 3 big projects and have absolutely no time to try and begin this story again but the other night I woke up and just couldn't stop writing. Once again the main character is "Tony" playing the lead role in a story that will hopefully (finally) come to life. I've written several pages in the first arc and also did a few pencils. Here's one I was able to get to today. Like with "MTS" some of the story is very clear to me and some bits are fuzzy. I'l put the pieces together and rearrange them until it's right. I think you'll like this version better than the others.....