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Old School

Been reading lots of Hagar and Beetle Bailey lately.......also finished the first page of Cody's King the second arc.....I'll start posting those when I get the first 10 done.....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eric Merced Guest Strip

My good buddy Eric Merced is launching his webcomic "Ouch" today and it is awesome!  and to celebrate we are posting his guest Cody strip!  Eric is a Superstar!!  Look at how cute Cody is :)  Thanks, man!!  OUCH

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Just a reminder that for the next couple of weeks Cody will be returning to a gag a day strip (with special guests stepping up to play:) as I work on the second wave of Cody's King.  I want it to be right so I plan to take my time.  I'm even contemplating full comic pages when it returns but we'll see.  The Guardian will take Cody and his pals back to the "other side" as they try and capture Dru Variant....the trouble is he has already assembled an army of Skull Bunnies and kidnapped a Princess.  Should be fun.  In the meantime - please please please tell others about the comic and bring them back here each and every weekday!  Thanks!!

this weekend I plan to post some killer pieces of Cody Art from Superstars!!

the end for now

The Mighty Bridge of Larry takes you from "here" to "there".  You shouldn't eat Cookie Dough Ogres - they contain a harmful ingredient.  Anyone recognize the Guardian?

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running gags

I do plan to "reveal" the secret of why his hat smells at a later date......the Last Battle is coming....

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