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Happy Friday!!

Tyler gets home from school in the afternoon and asks if a new Cody is "waiting" for him so this joke is one I think he'll really enjoy.....Happy Friday!  More Cody next week!!  and I'm also working on a 24 page comic book that will include the online strips, unpublished stories and rainy day activities.....Cody of Honor will hopefully be ready by Nov/Dec....

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My good friend Eric Merced!!

He designed the most excellent Cody masthead!!  I just love it!!  Obviously....I am working hard on getting CTC his own site but until then please check out the latest and look for more goodness this week!  and please check out Eric's stellar work here!!

Mort the Dragon

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"Cody" is my tribute to all things Groo/Sergio, Richard Scarry, Disney's Robin Hood and Hagar!!  What do you think?  Should this guy have his own webcomic?  on a separate site?

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Herman Melephant

Yo Ho Ho and Such Things as that.....

Finished up Priscilla 3 yesterday and it's headed to the printers.  I've written 5 more "Daddy Duty" strips and I'm currently working on a couple of cartoons for a local church.  Here be a Pirate Captain and his Parrot, Matey.....