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Don't look for another new comic until Wednesday night - I got other stuff to finish....

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Fridge Art Friday and a new comic

which keen eyed readers got to see last night on me other site ;)

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I've started to archive tony pony comics here cause I like 'em all together and uncluttered so you can expect to see a lot more junk like this here.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Author's photo - which one?

Fridge Art Fridays!

Fridge Art Fridays begins this week, but I don't have any art from you yet so please print this pic of "WaterHorse" or "Aquamane" and put it on your fridge! and don't forget to send me your artwork for next Friday! send it to

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Win something

Hey! The strip is falling nicely into a daily routine (Monday - Friday) and cool stuff is a happening. A new full color book is coming out this summer and a friend of mine is working on a little Tony Pony cartoon for I think it's time to celebrate. Send someone over! If five people sign up to follow this strip and you're the reason? Make sure that they let me know and I will send you a copy of "Nobody Likes Tony Pony" - if ten people sign up then I'll send you a copy of "Nobody Likes Tony Pony" and "More Than Sparrows". If 20 people sign up - you'll get NLTP, MTS and Big Honkin' Bug Nut - my long out of print first graphic novel with special pop off cover (I have a couple left over earmarked for this special occassion.) If you tell others about this strip and it winds up being reviewed somewhere because of that effort - you'll get all of that plus some original artwork! Shoo-Wee! Now the other thing - please send me your Tony Pony (or related character) drawings for a new feature called "Fridge Art" - it will be fun! Send those jpegs to with Fridge Art in the subject.....

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See the little Blindwolf logo to the left? No, my left. Click on it and read all about the amazingly cool and heartfelt event happening this Saturday March 7th with the Famous Mr. Art Baltazar in Chicago and then check out the Lil' Creeps strips by me and Franco. Yesh!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day!!!!

No school, rocking "Bonk's Revenge", "PacMan" and "Kirby" on the Wii, movies, sweats, snowball fights and cookies! Yeah!

Sunday, March 01, 2009