Friday, September 02, 2011

Winner announced on Monday of the name our Froggy contest!!

We have a couple of winners!!  Little John and MommaBay's OC!!!  Our little froggy is a Cheerful Blues singer/guitarist named "Muddy Spoons"!!!  Please send me your addresses to Thanks to everyone that submitted a name - I came really close to choosing Friggy :)  But in the end he just looked like Muddy Spoons to me.  Plus I Googled and the name is up for grabs so there you go.  Now tune in tomorrow or the day after for the introduction of "Sir Trevor the Distraught" it seems our little Cody isn't the only cat cavalier in town.


Little John said...

Hooray! I like the name combo. Can't believe I am a winner! Thanks so much!

MommaBay said...

Did we ever send you our info? Do you need it?

Jamie Cosley said...

Hi! no I never got it - you can send it to