Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Win something

Hey! The strip is falling nicely into a daily routine (Monday - Friday) and cool stuff is a happening. A new full color book is coming out this summer and a friend of mine is working on a little Tony Pony cartoon for me......so I think it's time to celebrate. Send someone over! If five people sign up to follow this strip and you're the reason? Make sure that they let me know and I will send you a copy of "Nobody Likes Tony Pony" - if ten people sign up then I'll send you a copy of "Nobody Likes Tony Pony" and "More Than Sparrows". If 20 people sign up - you'll get NLTP, MTS and Big Honkin' Bug Nut - my long out of print first graphic novel with special pop off cover (I have a couple left over earmarked for this special occassion.) If you tell others about this strip and it winds up being reviewed somewhere because of that effort - you'll get all of that plus some original artwork! Shoo-Wee! Now the other thing - please send me your Tony Pony (or related character) drawings for a new feature called "Fridge Art" - it will be fun! Send those jpegs to jamieandkristy@yahoo.com with Fridge Art in the subject.....

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