Sunday, February 11, 2007

Simple Treasures

This weekend I found the biggest sea shell ever! and you would have thought I won the lottery!! I was running down the cold, cold beach with a giant sea shell screaming "Wahoo"!! It was fun. We played our music Friday night, saw a ton of kids get saved and a few re-dedicate their lives to Christ. They had a smoke machine (which was cool but it made me choke a little) and we played some pool at the beach house and ate some good food prepared by chef's a mental snapshot of me (Captain Simple) and my boy (Undercover Ninja)...


Kneon Transitt said...

... a smoke machine? For the alter call... wha...? *puzzled look*

Kneon Transitt said...

D'oh! For the CONCERT. Read THEN speak, Kneon. *slaps forehead*

jamie cosley said...

A smoke machine for the altar call! Ha!! That would've been crazy!!

Kneon Transitt said...

Wouldn't it? Man, I'd PAY to see that.

"Smell that? That's hell approachin', son!"

"Looks like a smoke machine."

"No, it's hell. Really."

"No, it isn't."

"Look, do you want to get saved or not? We've got a line."