Monday, June 11, 2007

Creative Juices

We're supposed to have our first official meeting tonight regarding our forthcoming demo. "Who Shot Goliath" has been together for a little over a year now and in that short period of time we've written a lot of songs together. To say that I'm anxious to record would be a bit of an understatement. I'd like to publicly thank the Lord for giving me such great friends/bandmates and also for seeing this project come to fruition in spite of the many mistakes I made along the way. When Joe and I first decided to make an outreach band we met every Tuesday night at a little restaurant called Anna's (just the 2 of us) and now we meet every Friday night in Joe's garage (the 5 of us) and we've been blessed with several opportunities to play for local churchs and even a couple of out of state gigs. Go Nags Head!! The response to original songs like "On Fire" and "Super-Noah" has been SO encouraging. People of all ages really seem to dig those tunes and as soon as we record them, they will be available to download from our site. All of this is "Lord Willing" of course! I learned to say that at an early age. If it is the Lord's will....I will do this or that. I bought a new sketchbook over the weekend and have been filling it up but don't really feel like sharing today...nanabooboo...check back a little later :)


Linds said...

YAY! Its been a year already!!?? wow! I got a ton of pix from the concert the other night..some really cool looking ones too..Ill send them to you if you want me to!
YAY FOR A DEMO!! hahha

jamie cosley said...

Cool!! I can't wait to see 'em!! and you can also send some to if'n ya wants....Thanks!!