Sunday, September 09, 2007

Best Show Ever!!

I just got back from the Baltimore Comicon and let me tell was the best show ever! Blindwolf was part of the Kids Love Comics crew and we had an absolute blast! I'll post some highlights tonight and come back later with some photos....

1. I met Sergio Aragones. I stood in line just to shake his hand and tell him how much I enjoyed his comics and he smiled and then gave my son a Groo magnet. What a great guy.

2. I had breakfast with Mr. Travis Seitler and his adorable family at Jimmy's and the home fries were delicious. You rock Travis!!

3. I met Andy Runton, the creator of Owly! I'm glad I did that right away because as soon as the doors opened on Saturday morning, he had a steady line of people waiting to see him. Another cool guy!!

4. I participated in my first ever comics panel...the Kids Love Comics panel.

5. I sold all of my "Fearnots" comics, quite a few copies of More Than Sparrows, signed a ton of posters, sold some paintings and drew ponies and hamsters in various sketchbooks.

6. I discovered an awesome new book called "Ninjasaur"....I hope to sneak into Tylers room and read it real soon.

7. I got to see tons of old friends and met the guy that draws Scooby Doo for DC comics....

8. I got to hang with Art and Franco, superstar cartoonists and 2 of the bestest friends I've ever had.

more photos later....

oh and I also picked up Godzilla #2 Marvel comics circa 1977....sweet!!

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Travis said...

Yeah, we had a blast with your family--I think we'll have to get there earlier next time, though! (Note to everyone: Jimmy's Restaurant in Fells Point is packed at 9am on Saturday! YIKES!)

Hey, you gotta tell the MTS story sometime (the one with the woman at the booth). =D

And I still think Fearnots #1 needs a Fantastic Four #1 homage pin-up or something. I'm just not the guy to draw it. ;)