Sunday, October 21, 2007

youth retreat


BigHaga said...

I am guessing this comic is about me seeing how i was the one that asked about the CD this weekend HAHA...i grew up with my dad playing rock n' roll and i would really enjoyed the CD (not just my dad HAHA)...God bless all of yall

jamie cosley said...

Hey Man!! Thanks for stopping by - we had an absolute blast last night. Mike is a great guy. I know you weren't calling me an old fart :) or anything I just thought it sounded funny and would make a great comic. Shoot me an email with your address and I will be sure to send you 2 CDs, one for you and for your dad :)

BigHaga said...

HAHA...i am glad i was able to inspire your comic LOL...but come on, a rabbit? lol just kidding bud you really do have talent in drawing...i am back at Liberty now but i wish this weekend could have lasted longer (back to the real world i guess)...take care bud