Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today at church the Pastor asked the congregation what they were thankful by one people stood up and gave some pretty wonderful heartfelt testimonies. All I could think about was Kristy and Tyler and Ava...who should be here any day now. I just kept thanking him over and over again for my family. My family means everything to me. Now keep in mind this is just before I was supposed to sing "You Have Been So Good To Me" a song written by Paul Baloche and Matt Redman. I stood up, the music started and I proceeded to blubber like a weenie. Sheesh. I did manage to get through the song (with a major league shakey voice) but whatever. You practice a song over and over again and then the "meaning" of the song hits you and it's instant waterworks. HE has been so very good to me.

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