Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Rumor has it that someone is working on a protoype for the first Nobody Likes Tony Pony forthcoming?

**Update** Observational humor. I wonder if people get that this strip is "character driven" and somewhat based on specific events/conversations that may or may not have taken place in real life? Inspired by real life. Caricatures of very real and unique personalities that always help me write this strip. Writing is listening and the rhythm of a good comic strip is like the rhythm of a good poem. This is a work in progress. No, I have not seen the movie "Superbad", but ridiculous comments will always be deleted. So try reading your comments "out loud" before posting them on this blog.....if doesn't make any sense - it's gone.

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Jamie Cosley said...

Delete - next....and it's spelled hypocrisy...