Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's killing me!!!

I want to share these new pages with you all.....but I will not!! I told Joey yesterday that he will have a 16 page mini-comic to sell on CCNET in a couple of weeks! I'm using a 4 panel grid and the dialogue is a lot smoother than MTS. The Sunshine Follows Rain is a chapter from the long over due This Is How We Met. Blindwolf Studios is going to be releasing a Nobody Likes Tony Pony collection through Diamond very soon and speaking of Art and Franco? Can you say SUPERSTARS!!! Rumor has it the dynamic duo signed at the DC comics booth this weekend and peeps were lined up to get an autograph from the Tiny Titan scribers!!! You go, guys!! Tiny Titans is the awesome!! Also, be on the look out for "Ninjatown" from Devil's Due!!!

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