Thursday, April 17, 2008


This project or rather the way I am drawing this project was inspired by Jeffrey Brown and his "sketchbook" comics. I travel so much now and this is a really neat way to keep up with a story without having to sit down at a drawing table and fumble through big ole sheets of paper.

I started this project after submitting the daily strips to a publisher who said they liked the characters but wanted to see them interact in a longer story rather than a gag a day trickle effect....a good strip takes years to develop!

I am moving along at a rather rapid pace and that's always a concern because I don't want to rush into a conflict and then rush into a resolve.

This story will reveal a lot about the characters that some of you already know a little bit about. Parts of this tale could easily spin into the long overdue "I wonder if Jamie will ever finish This Is How We Met."

I am speeding along and should have 5 more pages up this weekend.
Sorry the pics are crooked...I will try and fix that :)

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