Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Jeremiah ThunderMuffin

This is a new song that was performed a couple of weeks ago (for the very first time) - long time readers will recognize the name from a previously failed strip. I have reimagined the character as an inspiring anti-hero. I'll try and get a copy of the song online asap so you can hear it.....

He grew up on the wrong side
a terrible side of town
raised by a bunch of heathens
that tried to keep him down

But one day on those mean streets
he came upon the Lord
Who stole his wicked sins away
and replaced 'em with HIS sword

(I'm talkin' 'bout---)

Jeremiah Thundermuffin!
Jeremiah Thundermuffin!

He was barely educated
and headed for the grave
but no one else believed him
when he claimed that he'd been saved

Now he's in a small church
and no one understands
how this crook, could take God's book
and become a brand new man

Jeremiah ThunderMuffin!
Jeremiah ThunderMuffin!

35 kids in Youth group
each one wants to learn
they all wanna read the Bible
each one gets a turn

Some say they just TOO BAD!
ain't ever gonna 'mount to nothin'
but one believes any man can change
Like Jeremiah ThunderMuffin!

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