Thursday, June 04, 2009

Keepin' Busy

Here be a giraffe with big ole eyeballs. I know the updates have been kinda sparse lately but I promise you the excuse is a great one. Honest. I've been really busy lately. Last week I signed the contract for my first ever syndication/book deal. It's been in the works for several weeks now. All the Glory, Honor, Praise and Credit goes to the Lord for giving me this amazing opportunity. That's all I can say right now, but stay tooned :) Oh, and it's not Tony Pony - it's something entirely new!!


Smedley said...

congrats man. I'm looking forward to it.

Levi Krause said...

I like this giraffe! But i like the news even better! Way to go, Jamie!

P.S. You're allowed to be busy. It happens.