Friday, March 19, 2010

Priscilla #2 Sneaky peek and a bibliography of sorts

Books of mine (most are long out of print!)

"Tony Pony" 1,2,3 - circa 1995 - extremely low print runs - most of them were sold at Eugene's comics in Mechanicsville, Va.

"Tony Pony Goes To New York" - 16 page comic - Printed about 500 copies and they are all long gone baby gone...

"Tangle Oats" - 24 page mini-comic (first appearance of Paul B. Onion - the villain in MTS) 200 copies were printed up and given away at a Grocery Store grand opening!

"Bug Nut" - 24 page comic - sold at the Hanover Tomato Festival in 1999!!

"Rox Fox" - Environmental Comic created for Va. Waste Management - 200,000 copies were printed and given to 3rd graders all over the state - my favorite character from this book was "Bubba Crush" - this comic once rec'd a glowing review from Mr. Tony "Black Lightning" Isabella! This came out in 1999/2000?

"Big Honkin' Bug Nut" - 152 page graphic novel - still might be able to find this on Amazon, Ebay - this book was banned from an elementary school in PA because of all the pooty and butt references....circa 2000....

"Glee the Happy Goth" - 16 page full size comic sold at "Wizard World Chicago" 2000 - funny :)

"Nippy Wallaboosh" 1, 2, and 3 - the first one came out from Blindwolf Studios and we sold like 750 copies through Diamond - I thought I had arrived :) The next 2 issues were published by Joey Endres and Megazeen. Issue 3 features artwork by 12 year phenomenon Josh Alves!! :)

"Eagle All Star", "Lil' Creeps" and "Jack and Jack" - Blindwolf Studios projects that I helped create, write and sometimes draw! Soon after Franco and Art went on to fortune and fame with Tiny Titans and now they don't return my calls :)

"More Than Sparrows" - one of my favorite books 64 page graphic novel - rec'd a "Spotlight On" when it appeared in Diamond - rec'd an awesome review from Superstar writer Ben Avery. Although the artwork isn't up to "today's" Jamie standards, I still LOVE this book!

"Nobody Likes Tony Pony" - 24 page comic that came out in 2007 and rec'd a nice review from Superstar Blogger and writer of Marvel comics Valerie D'Orazio

"The Office Furniture Dealer" - Full Color cartoon book collecting my comics that appeared in the MMQB online magazine about contract office funiture. Hasn't been reviewed yet but there's only like 20 copies in existence :)

Off the top of my head there have also been quite a few mini-comics (tiny 8 pagers) in the past few years - here are the titles I remember :

"The Ragamuffin Cartoonist" 1-13
"Feety Pajamas" this was reprinted in Nippy Wallaboosh #1
"Glee the baby Goth" Halloween mini printed for um...Halloween
"Smarty Pants" - you may be able to see this on MZ's site?
"Magic Bubbles" - I think this is on there, too?
"More Than Sparrows" - precursor to graphic novel
"The Horrible Truth about Mini-Comics" - JK parody
"Paul B. Onion" - Patrick the Wolf Boy parody

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