Monday, December 06, 2010

Win a copy of Cody the Cavalier!!

Hokay!  I have one autographed copy of Cody to give away so if you're too cheap to buy it online maybe you can win one?!?  Here's what you gotta do - by this Friday Dec. 10th.  Find all of these items and be the first one to send me a picture of all the items together (on a table or on the floor)!  If you are the winner then I'll grab your address and ship one out to you.  I'm afraid the contest is only open to peoples in the US of A as I am also cheap!  I had to ship a comic to another country once and the shipping was ridiculous!  I can't afford it!  Here's the list - good luck!!!

1.  3 red paper clips (or 1 red stapler)
2.  1 can of coca cola (the Christmas can with Santa)
3.  any album or cassette tape from the 70's or 80's bonus points if it's Neil Diamond!
4.  1 pair of red socks
5.  a Star Wars action figure (any character)
6.  a Superman comic book (any year or title - i.e. Action, Man of Steel, etc.)
7.  a coffee mug with a cartoon character (any)
8.  something you made yourself (could be a chair or a scarf or anything really :)
9.   1 red matchbox or hotwheels car
10.  and finally print a copy of your favorite Cody strip to date!

Have fun and Good Luck!!!!  Oh, my email address is

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