Friday, January 28, 2011

Boom, baby!! 100 strips!!!!

So excited!  Next week Cody crosses the bridge and eats some funky fruit that transports him to the foot of the throne?!?!  Say what!!??  And what about Mort, Pascal and Pinto?  What happened to those chickens?!?!  and who is Herman Melephant in this Epic tale?!?  Tune in next Monday as we close "Cody's King"!!  also, Cody will soon be appearing along side of many awesome titles on a popular kid's site!  More on that later as I'm running out of !!!!!'s  :)


Levi Krause said...

SWEET!!! Congratulations on 100! You're a machine! You know I dig this strip. Here's to 100 more. :)

Jamie Cosley said...

Thanks, Levi!! I really appreciate it!!