Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Name that Frog contest!!

Hey there!!  This little guy is making his first appearance in a Cody comic so I thought we'd celebrate with a little contest.  Give him a name!  You have to reply here and the winner will receive a Cody sketch, a Faithboy comic book and a Priscilla comic book!  Contest ends August 31st.....you have to reply here and I have to like it to win  :)  Thanks!!


RckyMntnMan said...

Hmm.. Friggy Rockit

Little John said...

How about Johnny M. Frog? Kind of a play on the 'ol Michigan J Frog.

Or, if he's a blues singer you could name him Muddy...

or, if she's a girl, how about Lily?

MommaBay said...

CT: "Bob"
HT: "Tweeter"
OC: "Sweet Spoon"
me: I'm tied between "Frogbert" or "Pogo"