Monday, June 25, 2012

Charlotte HeroesCon Recap

Back from the Greatest Comic Show on Earth!  Kicking things off with my one and only (also blurry) photo of the table at HeroesCon.   I managed to sell 16 mini-paintings, my Cody the Cavalier painting and the Giant Bananasaurus painting found an awesome home.  I drew tons of commissions for wonderful friends (you rock, Shannon!), sold quite a few books and met Jeffrey Brown -  picked up his Incredible Change-Bots 2 book (It's hilarious:).  I was neighbors once again with Thom Zahler (Love and Capes) guy .   We had a lovely Saturday evening with some high school friends - thanks for the Shrimp Tacos Whitbys!!  A very special thank you to the family that brought me the Super Goofs I didn't have!  That was truly a blessing!  Thanks to everyone at Heroes that makes this con possible.  Thanks to Tyler for not spending ALL of the money he had - Thanks to Jon and Jacob for hanging with us - and of course Thanks to Kristy for being so awesome and supportive - Love you!  Can't wait until next year!!!  New Cody this Wednesday!!!

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